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Ep.304 and 305 ~ Diving Deep Into the Serial Entrepreneur Mentality Part I and Part II ~ Noah Laith

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Today we welcome my dear friend Noah Laith back to the show for the second time. I love Noah not only for his open and thoughtful personality but more specifically because of his views on entrepreneurship. A conversation with this entrepreneur that has built a $30,000,000 portfolio will be sure to blow your mind. Noah is a super serial entrepreneur. We actually ask him on the show to name all the businesses that he has been involved in over his lifetime and the list is quite long. He can preview and analyze a business opportunity very rapidly using simple logic and we get to listen and understand the mind of this amazing entrepreneur on the show for a second time!


“Poverty is not just the lack of financial resources and knowledge. It is also the isolation of the people who can help you to achieve what you want.” Noah Laith

Ep.304 ~Diving Deep Into the Serial Entrepreneurial Mentality Part I ~ Noah Laith

02:38: Noah Names All the Businesses He Has Been Involved In

06:39: Thought Process on Examining a Business Opportunity

11:09: Noah and Chris on Daily Rituals and BioHacking

13:38: Climbing a Mountain in Shorts During Wintertime

22:30: Location Independence as a Currency

23:56: Controlling and Letting Go of Control at the Same Time


Ep.305 ~Diving Deep Into the Serial Entrepreneurial Mentality Part II ~ Noah Laith

02:17: Noah on Stoicism

05:34: Noah’s Economic Strategies

07:38: What To Do with an Extra $100,000

10:50: When Will the Next Crisis Happen?

15:57: How to Read One Book a Week

25:56: Barcelona Politics Affecting Real Estate

34:25: Great Cities to Invest In





“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes. So by studying history, you can almost foresee what is going to happen.” Noah Laith


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Keith Ferrazzi


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