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M3 Presents.... 


Feb. 22-27, 2022

Exotic Cars, Off-Road Racing, Laser-Tag in the Air, & Blowing Things Up sounds unreal but it is not!


We are taking a group of entrepreneurs to Vegas for a week of driving the most exotic cars in the world, jumping off-road Rally Race trucks, shooting military grade weapons out of a helicopter, playing laser-tag in stunt planes....

....and we might do a bit of networking and ideation while there as well!

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What is the Grand Theft Auto Experience?

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto?


Remember that game where you navigate through the city and steal Lamborghinis, blow things up, shoot top grade military weapons at drug dealers, drive off-road and fly planes that you stole from the Cartel?


Grand Theft Auto became one of the most popular video games of all time and even if you aren’t into gaming there is a chance you played GTA and enjoyed it at least once in your life.


We wanted to recreate that experience for the thrill seeking entrepreneurs out there, minus of course the actual stealing, shooting people, and looting. :P


So we’re going to Las Vegas February 2022 to drive exotic high-performance cars around a race track, race Rally trucks off-road, shoot military grade weapons out of a helicopter, and play laser-tag in actual stunt planes flown by actual stunt pilots….


Yes you heard me right...we will be playing laser-tag - dog fighting style - in actual stunt planes!


And everyone attending will be established entrepreneurs already running successful businesses. 

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The Schedule

Feb. 22 - Day 1: We will all arrive in Las Vegas and have a welcome-get-to-know-you dinner.


Feb. 23 - Day 2: We will head out to the race track to drive all three exotic high-performance cars - Lamborghinis, Ferraris & Porsches. In the afternoon, we will get to experience the thrill of driving an off-road Super Rally Race truck, around a professional track with eight jumps and high-speed corners for an experience like no other!


Feb. 24 - Day 3: Today we will head to the desert outside of Las Vegas to play with some of the most unique weaponry made by the military. We will take flight in an A-Star helicopter shooting a M249 SAW automatic weapon at targets on the mountainside while in flight!


Feb. 25 - Day 4: We will relax a bit and have a mastermind session in the morning with a Vegas Pool Party for some fun. When there are multi-million dollar brains at one event it’s always a good idea for them to connect and exchange ideas.


Feb. 26 - Day 5: Will be the biggest day of all. We will head out to the airfield and first learn how to play the most intense game of laser-tag humanly possible.


Then we will participate in an authentic fighter pilot experience that you simply cannot do anywhere else on Earth.  Operation Red Flag is the name of the game and it is the most advanced air combat simulation in the world. 

The attendees will be divided into two teams and go head-to-head to see who will reign supreme in the skies over Las Vegas.  One team will be tasked to protect a “High Value Target” and the other team will try to sneak past to put bombs on target.  An air-to-air laser-tag war will surely ensue. Since you won’t know where the enemy is coming from, participants will need to scan high and low to try and detect enemy.

You will be in a stunt plane with a professional stunt pilot and you actually get the opportunity to fly the plane as your instructor pilot guides you.

Yes it is real…

No you don’t need flying experience…

Yes it sounds crazy…

Yes it sounds like the most intense activity humanly possibly…

Yes we will all be doing it together!

Feb. 27 - Day 6: Head home

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“Life is all about experiences & who you experience life with. The M3 crew is unbelievable! I have learned so much every time I talk with them. I look forward to the adventures we get to do together, & the growth & expansion of our businesses. I highly recommend you come to any event that they do, meet the people that they surround themselves with so you can grow and create fulfillment in your life!” 

Christan Hiscock, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Kardia Financial Group

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“Being a part of M3 has helped me upgrade not only my businesses but my life. It's a great group to be around, & they are teaching me to push my limits past the point that is comfortable to get to the next level in my life & in my businesses.” 


Ray Blakney, Founder of LiveLingua & Podcast Hawk

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“M3 is a great experience. I’ve met really cool people, very successful, super smart, & I am learning so much from each one of them.

I love being a member and I can’t wait for more!”  


Nathan Liao, Founder of CMA Academy

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Join us....


Feb. 22-27, 2022

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