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Ep.188 ~ Real Estate Mogul and Serial Entrepreneur ~ Noah Laith

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses


“Most people invest…being affected by fear and greed. The fear and greed index measures the emotion that drives the market.” Noah Laith



Today listeners we are joined by the international real estate mogul and serial entrepreneur Noah Laith. Noah was born in Iraq but grew up in Amsterdam.  His entrepreneurial drive kicked in at a very young age after the passing of his father. He felt the pressure to step in as the man of the household and he began building businesses at 18.

Fast forward to today, Noah has a real estate empire having done business in Dubai, Marrakesh, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. We get into the mind of Noah and how he chooses which businesses to get involved in. He also talks about indicators that helped him completely avoid the crash of 2008 and the best market to be involved in today.  Noah’s story is quite impressive and he offers some incredible tips to entrepreneurs while telling about how he became the entrepreneur that he is today. 

02:15: Noah and Chris Barcelona

08:44: Finding Personal Growth as a Young Boy

18:05: Noah’s Economic Indicators and How He Predicted the Crash of 2008

23:42: Real Estate in Dubai

25:10: Noah’s Recommendation for Entrepreneur Interested in Real Estate

27:54: Extreme Real Estate Growth in Barcelona and Golden Visa Program

32:00: A Good Niche for Online Marketing

36:59: Outtakes with Noah and Chris

Noah’s Most Important Tips for Entrepreneur

1. Mentor

2. Learn Everyday

3. Pay it Forward

“Better to sell everything too early, than to lose everything.” Noah Laith

Honorable Mentions:

‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki

CityScape Real Estate Conference

The Golden Visa Program

The Four-Hour Work Week

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