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Ep.296 ~ Should You Exit a 7-Figure Location Independent Business ~ Dan Andrews Part II

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Welcome back listeners! Today we are featuring the second part of an interview with a good friend Dan Andrews. The first part of Dan's show was published yesterday and you can find it here, Ep.295 ~ Should You Exit a 7-Figure Location Independent Business? ~ Dan Andrews Part I. 


Dan is the co-founder of one of the largest location independent communities called the Dynamite Circle.  The Dynamite Circle or DC as we call it is a private group of location independent entrepreneurs. The organization also hosts two key events each year called DCBKK and DCAustin. Both amazing conferences I would recommend checking out. Dan is also the co-founder of a business that became the #1 supplier for valet podium stands in the US.  


We brought Dan on the show today to discuss life post the sell of his business. He recently wrote a book titled ‘Before the Exit | Thought Experiments for Entrepreneurs’ where he takes the readers through a process of asking questions that are really important if you are going to exit or sell your business. Hindsight is 20/20 and he has a very interesting perspective on many reasons why he would not have sold his business knowing what he knows now.


“Our businesses give is an idea-generating machine. A group of people on hand, whose job it is, to take your vision and turn them into cashflows.” Dan Andrews


03:06: What Would You Tell Your Younger Self About Exiting Your Business?

11:34: What are Dan’s and Chris’ Numbers?

17:59: Dan On the Insatiable Desire for More

22:05: How to See the Important Things Before You Sell

24:25: Being Better at Life Post Exit

28:24: Dan’s Dream Podcast Guest



“One of the things you will find amongst people that have had financial success is that they’re pretty bummed out that they can’t purchase the things that really matter. You can’t buy respect, you can’t buy time with your family. You can’t buy a business that engages your best energy.” Dan Andrews


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Contact Info:


Before the Exit | Thought Experiments for Entrepreneurs by Dan Andrews


Dynamite Jobs - Jobs for and by location independent teams

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