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Ep.195 ~ Behind the Location Independent Scenes ~ Dan Andrews

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses


“It’s funny, you describe me as an entrepreneur at the top. And, sometimes I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur.” Dan Andrews


On today's episode, we are joined by one of the leaders in the location independent movement Dan Andrews. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Dan, he is the host of the Tropical MBA Podcast and the co-founder of the Dynamite Circle. Dan’s podcast happens to be one of the most popular podcasts for location independent entrepreneurs. The Dynamite Circle or DC for short is a private online community also for location independent entrepreneurs.


Here is what is exciting about having Dan on the show. He is one of the key leaders of a movement that is transforming the way people work and live. Dan and the members of the DC are redefining lifestyle business. Think about the book 'The 4-Hour Work Week' and picture 1000 actual case studies from that book. That is the DC. The members live in cities and countries all over the world, running 5,6,7,8 figure businesses from their laptops with a remote team of international workers, and choosing where they want to go and when they do it. They live life and create business on their own terms.


Today we will dig into Dan’s story and dig into the science of what it takes to build a location independent community like this. One community, I am proud to be a member of. We also get to know Dan on a more personal level, you can tell on the show that he is a very deep thinker and we get the chance to ask him some questions, that intrigue his thought process to understand why he does what he does.


“What started as a community of people that left corporate life, ended up as a community of business leaders.” Dan Andrews speaking about the DC Community


02:43: Dan and Chris on Barcelona

07:00: Dan on Being a Seasoned Podcaster and Entrepreneur

09:37: Dan’s First Business

15:31: Why Would an Entrepreneur Sell a Good Cash Flowing Business?

18:08: The Dynamite Circle Today

29:43: Biggest Takeaways From Building the Dynamite Circle

31:53: The Biggest Challenge of Building the Dynamite Circle

34:29: Where is the Dynamite Circle and the Tropical MBA Headed?


“When you have lots of liabilities….you sometimes think, you ought to get out while the gettin’ is good!” Dan Andrews


Honorable Mentions:

The Dynamite Circle 

‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss

Internet Business Mastery Podcast

Tropical MBA Blog and Podcast


Dan Norris

Simon Black


“I realized that….people wanted to travel and leave the conventional career path so bad, that they were willing to become interns if it meant they could get out of their jobs. .” Dan Andrews


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