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Ep. 319 & 320 ~ Work Less Make More w/ a 7-Figure  Location Independent Business Part I & Part II ~ James Schramko

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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James Schramko is known as one of the best business trainers out there in the world today. He came on the show last year and is back to share what he has been up to over the past year. On the show we talk about a variety of things from his new book, to productivity, to the importance of building a location independent business. What I really enjoy talking to James about is tribe building. James is an expert tribe builder. He has built top sales teams for BMW and Mercedes in the past, and now he builds his own entrepreneur tribes with some very high-caliber people being involved. I love this guy and I love getting an hour of his time. Make sure you check out this episode!


Part I:


02:41: Catching Up with James

06:30: James on Building Workshops

12:57: Work Less Make More

15:31: Building Tribes

20:19: Building Camaraderie in Your Own Tribe


Part II:


02:34: James’ Social Media Strategy

05:59: Keeping People Subscribed to James’ Community

07:59: James’ Productivity Strategies

13:14: Daily Rituals

15:04: James’ Location Independent Business Model

16:20: Benefits of Location Independence

19:14: Experiencing Massive Mental Business Shifts


Honorable Mentions:


James’ First 2017 Podcast Episode


Work Less Make More by James Schramko


Superfast Business and Silver Circle


Contact Info:

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