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Ep.502 ~ Using the Uber Model for Other Industries ~ Bryan Clayton, founder of GreenPal


~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Bryan Clayton is CEO and cofounder of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. Just a few episodes ago we had the man that made the 80/20 Principle famous Richard Koch on the show Episode 496. 

Richard talked in depth about true ‘Network Businesses’ like Uber that is nothing but an app that connects people that provide a service, and people that need a service. Richard mentioned that in today’s world one would be crazy for not building, starting, investing and working in or with a ‘Network Business.’ And I agree! Network Businesses are making life more convenient one additional app at a time.

Bryan, our guest today has created GreenPal a true ‘Network Business’ for the lawn care industry connecting those people that need lawn care work to those lawn care professionals that want to come and take care of someone's lawn. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 200,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day.

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Before starting GreenPal, Bryan founded Peachtree Inc. one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee growing it to over $10 million a year in annual revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013.

03:52 Who is Bryan Clayton?

06:04 Bryan’s First Business- Peachtree Inc.

08:19 The Origins of GreenPal

11:48 Building a Network Business

18:14 Growing GreenPal Sustainably

21:11 The Challenges of Launching in Different Cities

31:49 Going 4 Years Without a Salary

36:16 Managing Finances & Profitability

45:09 Getting Homeowners on GreenPal

47:30 The Challenges of Leveraging Social Media

49:07 Bryan’s Daily Routines

55:17 Where To Find Bryan Clayton?

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