Ep.496 ~ The Man That Changed How We Do Business Today ~ Richard Koch, author of 'The 80/20 Principle'

~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Thirteen years ago, I came across a book that I had no idea would change my life as much as it has. That book was called The 80/20 Principle. I read it, and immediately applied what it said to my life seeing results in a matter of a few days. I continued to apply the method as much as possible throughout the years using it in both my business and personal life.

Little did I know 13 years later, I would be so fortunate enough to interview the author of the book. Richard Koch is our guest today and we are going to dive down the 80/20 rabbit hole with him on what this method is, and why it actually works in all areas of life. How you can use it as a superpower to generate significant amounts of money, and be happier, healthier, and maintain better relationships. 

Richard himself is a very successful entrepreneur, investor, & consultant working on and investing in hotels, restaurants, the distilling industry and the internet gaming industry as well. Richard has used the 80/20 Principle to make a fortune from several private equity investments and “retiring’ by the age of 40!

   04:00 Who is Richard Koch?

   05:08 Defining the 80/20 Principle

   14:42 The Evolution of the 80/20 Principle

   26:51 Applying the 80/20 Principle in Marketing

   32:12 Applying the 80/20 Principle in Team Management 

   37:44 Seeing the 80/20 Principle in a New Way Through Network Businesses

   44:53 Who Does Richard admire for Using the 80/20 Principle Well?

   50:27 Where to find Richard Koch?