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Ep.507  ~ Brain Focus 2.0 - Different Brains Need Different Music for Peak Performance  ~ Will Henshall

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~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

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We have an absolutely fascinating guest on today's show. His name is Will Hentschel. He is the founder of Focus@Will. Focus@Will is a music productivity company that features music that is scientifically optimized for different types of personalities and brains. Now, something really interesting about Will, Will was in a 90’s band that became very famous. The name of the band is London Beat, they have five big hits, and if you ever heard the song “I've Been Thinking About You.” it is actually a creation and production of Will’s.

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On the show we talk about  the different types of music that work really well for one brain versus the other brain. People that have ADD and ADHD, there is a certain type of music that helps you become very productive, which would annoy the heck out of the rest of us. For people that are more calm and relaxed or people that are kind of inbetween that stage of calm and relaxed and ADD there's different types of music that work really well for us. Some people are incredibly productive with meditative music. Some people need a bit higher intensity for their productivity music.  Will and I chat about the neuroscience and how the brain is functioning when different types of music are playing for different types of people in different situations.  

I had a list of notes to ask Will during this interview, I hardly even got to that list because everything was so fascinating throughout the interview. If you're into productivity, focus music, and getting shit done, check out the podcast!

   03:49  Who is Will Henshall?

   07:49  Why do our Brains Like & Then Dislike Music?

   13:59  The Key Ingredients that Makes Music Good Productivity Music

   24:09  What Type of Music is Good for ADHD vs. the Average Brain?

   28:04  How Entrepreneurs Focus During Chaos

   39:04  Why Meditation Music is Different for Everyone

   54:29  The Neuroscience of Music Changing the Brain-State

1:00:39  The Female Brain and Productivity Music Volume

1:06:04  Endogenous Attention vs. Exogenous Attention vs. Hypervigilance

1:09:19  Posture is Related to Typing Accuracy

1:12:59  How Einstein Got Into Flow-States

1:20:24  Will’s Daily Routine

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