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Ep.222 ~ The Facebook Ad Ninja ~ Vincent Nguyen

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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

Hi listeners, today Vincent Nguyen the founder of Growth Ninja joins our show. Growth Ninja is a company that brings your business leads and sales from Facebook ads. The difference between Growth Ninja and every other Facebook ad company is that they are paid based on performance. So if they don’t deliver results, they don’t get paid.

On the show today we have a great conversation with Vincent. What I specifically enjoyed about him is that he is a young entrepreneur just starting out with an incredibly mature mindset. I can respect any entrepreneur that wants to be paid based on their own performance. Vincent it doing just that, and doing it very well.

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Further along in the show, Vincent and I discuss the process of getting comfortable being paid well by our clients, quitting your job to start a business and we also touch on how he prefers to work solo over having employees.

02:34: Who is Vincent Nguyen?

08:52: Is it Smart to Quit Your Job and Start a Business?

11:47: What is Growth Ninja?

15:15: When Someone Pays You For the First Time

20:20: What’s Working in Facebook-Land and is Retargeting on FB a Good Idea for You?   

Honorable Mentions:


Justin Cooke founder of Empire Flippers

Nev Lapwood founder of Snowboard Addiction

Pro Church Tools

Quinn Zeda founder of Zeda Labs


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