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Ep.376 ~ Building an iTunes Top Ranking Podcast ~ Tyrone Shum

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

From toilet deodorizing to having a top ranking property investment podcast on iTunes, Tyrone Shum, the founder of Property Investory podcast joins us on the show today.  Tyrone started his podcast a little over a year ago when realizing there was a need in Australia for some better and more frequent property investment podcasts. He launched his show, and over 12-months grew it to where he is getting 40,000 downloads per month.


Today, we dive into the nitty-gritty of podcasting. Tyrone shares the specific details on how he grew his podcast rapidly, the importance of iTunes stats and iTunes reviews, and a few little hacks that he uses to publish daily and get ranked faster.  


02:34: Strange and Random Elon Musk Bashing Email

05:22: Starting out with a Toilet Deoderizing Business

08:13: Who is Tyrone Shum?

11:05: Using a Podcast to Learn a Trade and Grow Wealth

13:55: Tyrone’s Property Investment Golden Nugget

16:25: Growing Property Investory Podcast to One of the Top Property Investment Podcast's on iTunes

21:42: The number of man hours and total costs to run a podcast

24:20: Finding Interns to Help Grow Your Podcast

29:26: Difference Between a Download vs. a Listen vs. a Play 

31:01: Where do Tyrone's Listeners Come From?

32:01: iTunes Competition

33:31: iTunes and Podcasting Hacks

39:44: Importance of Ratings and Reviews on iTunes

41:31: Publishing Daily vs. Publishing Weekly

43:05: The Future of Podcasting


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