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Ep.396 ~ Mastering the Hustle & Influence ~ Tyler Jack Harris

Tyler Jack Harris
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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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Sales and influence are the words of the day! Today we have Tyler Jack Harris joining us on the podcast who is a master at sales and influence both. Tyler has achieved some absolutely incredible feats in his career. He is a master in hustle and productivity selling over 8,000 life insurance plans face-to-face in 3.5 years. He went from unemployed to millionaire during this time. He has achieved staggering results with his personal brand having a weekly reach of 49 million people.


Today on the show we dive deep into influence, sales, legacy, personal brands and of course mastermind the hustle.


11:30: Who is Tyler Jack Harris?

18:22: Obedience to Desperation

24:40: Closing 8,000 Deals Face-to-Face in 3.5 Years

29:25: Finding Motivation to Work 16,18,20 Hours a Day

32:00: Do You Need to Believe in What You're Selling?

37:15: Building a Personal Brand

54:30: Energy Management for Little Sleep and Hard Hustling

58:04: Tyler on Influence


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