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Ep.226 ~ The Entrepreneurs Journey is About Execution ~ Tim Sanders

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“When you’re small if the customer says ‘We aren’t happy.” you tear up the invoice, and you eat it, and you learn a lesson from the pain.” Tim Sanders on what he learned while working for Mark Cuban 

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On today’s episode we welcome the great Tim Sanders, and for those of you who don’t know him, I couldn’t recommend more than to listen to this show because Tim is an incredibly vibrant lifestyle entrepreneur that has had some INCREDIBLE…and I emphasize the word incredible business experience.

He has worked side by side with Mark Cuban for years until Cuban sold off to Yahoo. He then worked side by side with the co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang for a number of years until Tim launched a book that was massively successful and he toured the world promoting his book and Yahoo for a year.  After his book tour, Tim decided it was time to start his own business.

These days, Tim has written six books, working on his seventh, he is the founder of Deeper Media and a professional speaker. On the show, we get behind the mind of Tim Sanders and let me tell you….This is a man you want to listen to. Tim shares what he learned working with Mark Cuban and Yahoo, then starting his own journey as an entrepreneur. Tim and I talk about the difference between a true lifestyle business vs. a growth business, tactics on being a great connector and leaving a good digital footprint in today’s world.

The value in this episode is HUGE!


02:30: Tim’s Book Suggestions

03:18: Who is Tim Sanders?

05:28: Tim Working for Mark Cuban

10:14: Tim Leaves Yahoo to Create a True Lifestyle Business and Zero Employees

12:42: Lifestyle Business vs. Growth Business

17:54: What You Need For a Lifestyle Business to be Successful

23:34: Tactics on Being a Connector, Not a Networker

29:57: Creating a Good Digital Footprint

Honorable Mentions:

Norman Mailer

'Subliminal' by Leonard Mlodinow

Abraham Maslow, On ‘Being’

'Art of Happiness' by the Dali Lama

Bob May

Pat Summeral Productions

Mark Cuban

Audionet and

Jerry Yang

Literary Agent, Jan Miller

‘Love is the Killer App’ by Tim Sanders

‘On Caring’ by Milton Meyerhoff

Contact Info:

Deeper Media


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