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Ep.315 & 316 ~ Not Having a Qualified Assistant Is Probably Holding You Back More Than You Know Part I & Part II ~ Tim Francis

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Do you know that the majority of CEOs don’t have an assistant? The main reason, they don’t know how to properly train one and they would rather be doing other things. Finding a great assistant isn’t easy, but today’s guest explains how incredibly powerful it is to get a great assistant.


Tim Francis joins us today, and Tim is the founder of His agency has placed over 150 top-rate assistants and he explains how most entrepreneurs are missing out on massive opportunities because they don’t have an assistant.  I really enjoyed this episode because Tim dives deep and shares about hiring and training assistants, and how his business has skyrocketed because he has such an incredible assistant.


“The #1 reason most CEOs don’t have an assistant based on a survey we did is, they don’t know how to trust an assistant and I they don’t know how to let go of control.” Tim Francis


02:28: What Do Old Rich Guys Do?

05:28: Tim Kisses a Grizzly Bear and Meets the Queen

06:28 Tim Francis and The Mastery of Entrepreneurship

16:07: Surrendering to the Path of Entrepreneurship


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