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Ep.135 ~ Addicted to the Entrepreneurial Struggle ~ Tim Conley

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

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“I’ve watched a lot of entrepreneurs create chaos in their own company, just so they can feel like they have something to do.” Tim Conley

In this episode, we have a master entrepreneur and executive coach Tim Conley on our show.

Tim turns entrepreneurs into CEO’s of their company teaching his clients how to scale their business from 6 to 7 figures without sacrificing their freedom or sanity. In the late 1990’s Tim started marketing consulting for companies to integrate offline and online campaigns. After 2 decades of experience, Tim has worked with over 400 founders, and started, sold and invested in multiple businesses. He knows what it is like to create a 7-figure business and the pressures of running a business at that level.


Here is what I like about Tim, he is a no BS guy. His advice is clear and direct and he will tell you what your businesses needs and how to accomplish it in the least amount of time. In 2015, Tim came as an advisor to The Entrepreneur House in Chiang Mai. It was incredible watching this man when helping the attendees with feedback on their business. It was watching a master at work.

“When we take on the mantle of entrepreneurship, we are saying to the world, “I’m ready to lead.” Tim Conley

Creating Efficient Systems:

1. Must have sizable margins

-Must have significantly more revenue than it costs you to provide the service or product.

2. Marketing and Sales

-Separate the two. Are you sales oriented or marketing oriented?

-Usually, a company will be more marketing oriented or more sales oriented.

-A sales-oriented company will plateau and they will eventually need to go do marketing, or

bring in someone that is good at marketing.

“Entrepreneurship is that….you take and idea and turn it into reality. How much more art is there than that?”  Tim Conley

“No one is going to feel sorry for the guy that makes 7-figures….but surrounding ourselves with others that understand what we are going through, it helps us be better people.” Tim Conley

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