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Ep.365 ~ Entrepreneur Loses Eyesight, Continues to Run Business and Travel the World, Sells $1.4 Million Online Her 1st Year  ~ Tiffany Julie

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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I want to start today’s introduction off like this, I love today’s podcast and I love today’s guest. It was the first time we had ever talked and I found that our guest's story is so incredibly inspiring that it blew me away and I think it will blow you away today. Tiffany Julie is our guest today, and she is a super nomadic, world traveling, 7-figure location independent entrepreneur. She started out by sailing the open seas as a yacht captain for several years before starting her own business fixing and repairing yachts. She quickly grew that to a 7-figure business with a team of twelve and she had a dream life but knew something bigger was calling her. So she sold all of her things camped across the country and then bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.


After arriving, she and her partner traveled around living in different countries and testing new online businesses. Finally, they decided to start an eComm store and put all of their time into this business, when she woke up on her 32nd birthday at 4:00 am completely blind. Yes, you heard me right completely blind. This, as you can imagine, absolutely changed her life. She then flew back to the US and met with some of the best eye doctors in the world looking for solutions. The only problem was that the doctors were stumped. They had never seen a case like Tiffany’s before and they didn’t know how to fix it.


This is when Tiffany reached deep inside herself and threw herself into meditation, personal development podcasts, and positive thinking. The deeper she went into her meditations the more she had the feeling that everything was going to be okay. She held onto positive thoughts and positive emotions knowing that she would be healed. And, she even kept working on growing her newly launched eComm business. It took her six long months and finally one day she woke up and she could see light again. She wasn’t completely healed, but it was the first step. She got so excited that she and her partner bought tickets to move back to Thailand! She has continued the healing process and now, she can see much better. Another incredible aspect of this story is that in year-1 with her eComm business, while she was blind and partially blind Tiffany pulled in $1.4 million in sales. Year-2 has just passed and the business did over $2 million. Now Tiffany is branching off into coaching female entrepreneurs to help them be the best that they can be. It’s an absolutely amazing story!


04:47: Why Tiffany Has Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

10:05: Who is Tiffany Julie?

16:55: Growing Your Money Thermometer and Getting to the Next Level of Income

21:55: Traveling the World and Starting to Work Online

25:10: Hitting $2 Million in 2 Years and $1.4 Million in 1 Year

27:53: Finding Traffic Sources

31:27: Tiffany Loses Her Eyesight

38:10: The Experience of Being Blind

42:10: Tiffany’s Meditation Process to Help Heal Eyesight

45:00: Tiffany’s Vision Starts to Come Back

46:55: Overcoming Self Doubt

51:09: Starting Coaching High-Performing Female Entrepreneurs

53:47: Helping People Become More Productive

57:47: Tiffany’s Favorite Productivity Tips


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Social Media: IamTiffanyJulie

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