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For Entrepreneurs w/ 7-Figures in Annual Revenue Scaling to the Next Level

You guys may have noticed that we have just finished a series of podcast interviews with 100 7-figure entrepreneurs…..why did we create that podcast series?  


Because of information


The right information from the right person can absolutely change everything for an entrepreneur in the growth of their business. 


I once went to an event that was 5 days long and cost $5000 for a basic ticket……Why?


Because I knew I would get the right information, and be around the right people. 


And yes, it was totally worth it! 


Another thing we noticed is that for the higher-level entrepreneurs there aren’t many people organizing good quality events. 


I once had a guest making $3,000,000 a year tell me, “Hey Chris, if you want to jump on regular calls, I would love that. I don’t have anyone to mastermind with!” 


I was shocked!!


People at the 7-figure level want to mastermind with other people at their level….they know the value, and the know the quality of individuals that they will be collaborating with. 



Why do we mastermind?


We mastermind because plainly it works.  Masterminding gets results....and being in the right mastermind with the right people that are moving at the speed you are moving, doing things that you are doing and making the money that you are making, can absolutely change everything! 


One idea, one small thought, one simple conversation is enough to open your mind to get your business to the level you want it to be at.  


One thing that I have noticed and why I continue to bring entrepreneurs together to share information is that when we collaborate and put our strengths together, we get a feeling of being limitless, inspired and, a feeling of being unstoppable.  


We need these types of environments to live to our full is essential.  


So, this got me thinking….


...if we put together the minds of the people that have been on the podcast and others like them…gave them some structure….this could change everything for them. 


This is why we have decided to put together The 7-figure Masterminds. 



The 7-figure Masterminds


Those 7-figure entrepreneurs that have been on the podcast and those entrepreneurs that listen to the podcast…we have organized these masterminds for you.  


It looks like this….


It will be a small group of 3-6 people. All participants have at least $1,000,000 in annual revenue from their business or businesses. 


We will have one call every two weeks that will be two hours long. This way, each call, a person will get featured in the hot-seat to work through their problems. 


The mastermind will be 9-months long. 



Why 9-months?


Because 9-months is enough time to learn from one another, bond with one another, help one another, grow with one another and really make a difference in each others business. 


We considered a 3-month or 6-month mastermind. But based on results, they just don’t work as well. 


Bottom-line the long-term masterminds gets more results. 


This mastermind will be 9-months and you will be collaborating with other 7-figure entrepreneurs that are hand-picked to be in a group with you.


We want to be selective with whom we group you with because we want each person in that group to be moving at the same speed is you. 


During the bi-weekly two-hour call, each person will get plenty of time to talk each week. 


The mastermind will have a facilitator….and that will be yours truly….myself. 


I actually considered letting these calls run on their own, and honestly, there would probably be just as many signups for the mastermind if I don’t participate. 


But I want to be fully engaged in these masterminds for a few reasons...



~ One, this is a new service and I want to make sure the masterminds run as smooth as possible. I want to make sure you guys get what you pay for, and you are pleased with the mastermind. 


~ Two, when there is no facilitator someone always emerges or tries to emerge as the leader or alpha of the group. 


Depending on who this person is, it can actually take away from the experience and results of the participants.  With an experienced facilitator, all participants come in on the same page and are equals. 


~ Three, a timekeeper can make the biggest difference so all participants will get the same time to share. 



In the future, I will probably replace myself as the facilitator, but for now, I will be involved in all calls.



So now we are down to the price…


The cost for the 9-month mastermind is $10,000. 


We charge $10,000 bottom-line because it is worth it.  


When you are investing in yourself at that level and others you are collaborating with are doing the same, it completely changes the context, the quality, the commitment, the participation, and the caliber of conversations. 


It changes everything!


The masterminds will start in mid to late October 2018 and run through the middle of summer next year. 


And yes, we have an early-bird discount that runs until Sept. 21st. 


It will be $8500 for those that sign up by the end of September 2018. 




We know with that type of investment you will probably want to have a chat.  If so, just book a call here and I can answer any questions you might have. 


If your mind is made up and you don’t have any questions just go here, and you can reserve your spot right now!

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