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Why are we doing this?
One Reason:



The experience in the House is absolutely priceless. Day to day you interact with other online entrepreneurs that are very driven and smart business people. Spending a long amount of time with them alters your business and your mentality about business. Goals are set, new businesses are formed, new partnerships will develop, greater profits margins are achieved, and the productivity sky rockets for those living in the house.
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The masterminds and business lessons.

The Entrepreneur House has numerous masterminds throughout the week.  We are constantly giving each other feedback and supporting each other on our businesses.  From marketing, sales, funnels, development, design, SEO, finance, promotion, leadership, strengths, weaknesses, scheduling, time management and profit.  You will have the opportunity to examine every area of your business and change what it needs for growth.

The houses are set up for 1-2 months at a time. 

We do this for a specific reason. Most co-living houses are for a week or two where people can brainstorm for a bit, get some ideas and some inspiration, then go back to their daily lives. Living and working with a group of people for 4-8 weeks forms ideas, products, businesses, passion and development that could never be formed in a short amount of time.  The time at The Entrepreneur House will shift your mindset, it will change your habits and it will catapult your business. It is like 1 year of business growth in 1 month.


The second major point worth noting is the social experience and bonds formed during your stay at The Entrepreneur House.  

Many of our business lessons are lessons that can be applied to life.  We work mainly with business goals, but because we are of like-mind, we also take this time to tackle some personal goals for those that desire. From new eating habits, exercise, dancing, learning a new language, relaxing, exploring a new city, the list can go on and on. Because we work and play together we form long-lasting friendships. On top of that, you will meet new business contacts and new friends from all over the world. Because of the diversity in the houses, you will experience business and worldly knowledge on a much different level than you could get from your home city.  Many of the attendees like to plug into the local Meetup’s to connect with local leaders socially and professionally.

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