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Ep.555 ~ From the Military to a Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Changing the World ~ Taylor Justice

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~ Interviewing Billionaires, Billion Dollar Founders
& the World's Most Interesting People ~

Our guest today is the co-founder of a $1.7 Billion company that operates in the health tech space. They serve in 44 states in the U.S., have over 720,000 services available through their networks and have provided over 18 Million people with wraparound support for their health. The company is UniteUs and Taylor Justice is our guest, one of two men that built this billion dollar behemoth of a business.

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01:58          Micro-High Performance Episodes
02:40          Events and Trips For Entrepreneurs
03:02          Seasoned Business Minds Group
04:07          Guest Introduction
05:04          Unite Us Software Platform
08:50          The Bad Habits of Billion Dollar Company Founders
12:58          Train Yourself to Let Go and Focus on Where Your Company Needs                       You the Most
19:55          Balance Getting Shit Done and Letting Go of Doing More
25:12          Taylor’s Military Journey
28:21          West Point Being an Institution of Leadership
31:42          The Growth and Growing Unite Us
36:35          Expanding Unite Us to a Service Provider Population Agnostic
40:42          Big Health Care Opportunities
44:05          Prioritize Outcome over Referrals
51:57          There is No Limitation to Your Creativity
Brain Trust/ Perfect Mastermind Team
01:01:05     Business Ideas Starting from Zero
01:03:50     Best Business Book
01:05:34     Taylor’s Advice to Young Entrepreneurs
01:09:02     Reach out and Learn more about and Taylor Justice

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