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Ep.Ep190 ~ 500,000 Monthly Visitors From a Powerhouse Female Entrepreneur ~ Sylvia van de Logt

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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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On today’s episode we are joined by the power entrepreneur and founder of 40 Plus Style, Sylvia van de Logt. Sylvia is a huge proponent of both female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that are over the age of forty. She started her blog 40 Plus Style and has grown it to have 33,000 monthly subscribers and 500,000 monthly visitors. Today, Sylvia shares how she did this, how she monetizes her blog and how she is using Facebook to stay connected and in communication with her community. It is a great podcast with an incredibly experienced entrepreneur.

12:11: Sylvia on Adsense

13:25: 40PlusStyle Stats

14:25: Staying Connected and Building a Successful Blog and Community

17:13: Facebook Live to Connect to Your Community

18:45: The Next 5-Years for Sylvia

21:14: Sylvia’s Biggest Challenge as a Female Entrepreneur

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