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Ep.302 ~ A 6’ Foot 4” 280lb. Military Veteran with Women's Intuition That Lost and Made Millions a Few Times ~ Steven Kuhn

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Today listeners, we welcome a highly decorated former US Army combat veteran and Turnaround Consultant,  Steven Kuhn to the show. Steven and I recently met during dinner at a business conference and by the end of the meal, I invited him to come on the podcast. He has a wealth of experience and on the show, Steven shares about everything from his early days in the military, developing an ‘unstoppable’ mentality, how he used that to build his first businesses. He dives into the importance of understanding oneself, continual growth and the importance of honesty and integrity in one's life.  It is an incredible episode and without further adieu let’s jump into the show.


“It was a mind and life-changing experience on that island....I feel like Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island, but in a cool way with all the coolest people you can ever have on one ship, stranded on that island.” Steven Kuhn


02:17: The Baby Bathwater Island Experience

04:29: The Virtue of Humility

10:51: Who is Steven Kuhn?

12:54: Steven Goes to War

17:04: Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur in Europe

20:20: Getting the Kill Me to Break Me Mentality and Then Letting it Go

33:09: The HIT Principle


Honorable Mentions:


Baby Bathwater Island


The Humble Man Facebook Group


Contact Info:


Currently, Steven is helping 15 companies get to $1,000,000. One of those companies could be yours....check it out here!

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