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Ep.404 ~ High-Performance Flow States ~ Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler Podcast
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Hey, listeners welcome to the show today and I have to tell you I am incredibly excited for today’s guest. Not only is he the author of two of my top read books but he is leading researcher on cutting-edge technology and information regarding flow and flow-state, his name is Steven Kotler.  


Steven is the author of numerous books including Bold and Abundance, both he co-authored with Peter Diamandis. He is also the author of West of Jesus, Tomorrowland, The Rise of Superman, and Stealing Fire. The latter two being the two books I have read of his and both I highly recommend to anyone.  On the show today, we get to chat with Steven for an hour and a half about a variety of subjects that Steven specializes in, including many topics that are addressed in his new novel, Last Tango in Cyberspace.

At the beginning of the show, we get to know Steven’s backstory for a few minutes before we delve deep into Flow, Flow-States, the science behind flow, and some incredible stories of high-performers, including Steven, while they were in Flow-State and how it directly affected their performance. We then dive into the details of Last Tango in Cyberspace and some important issues that the storyline addresses throughout the novel.  In the book and on the podcast, we talk about technology and where it is headed, artificial intelligence becoming conscious, psychedelics and using them to expand technology, empathy and space tourism. At the end of the podcast, we get to learn how Steven uses flow, his favorite meditation techniques, and his daily routine.

04:25: Why Steven Lives Where He Lives?


07:25: Steven’s Backstory and Working the Extreme Athletes


14:40: The Flow Lab


15:25: What is Flow Exactly?


21:45: Syncronicity and Flow State


26:05: Steven’s Favorite Way to Get Into Flow & Simple Flow Triggers


26:30: Steven’s New Book - Last Tango in Cyberspace


35:10: Future Technology is Perceived as Scary Until it’s Real Life


35:05: Artificial Intelligence Waking Up


43:20: Steven’s Biggest Concern w/ AI


47:10: Psychedelics and Expanding Technology


1:01:45: Empathy


1:10:59: Space Tourism


1:12:00:: Steven’s Routine to Create Great Content Regularly


1:19:40: Breathing and Meditation

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