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Ep.243 ~ Moving From Old Business Models to New Business Models and Hong Kong ~ Stephen Petith

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 


Listeners, today we are joined by a serial entrepreneur that has built multiple 7-figure location independent businesses. Stephen Petith calls in from Hong Kong to join us on the show today.  Stephen is the co-founder of Global Private Partners and Sovereign Capitalists.  Together they are working to transform the way business models operate in the world.

Today on the show, Stephen and I talk about why he loves Hong Kong from a business perspective. We then talk about the Cashflow Quadrant and the important differences between employees, self-employed small business owners, true business owners, and investors.  He dives into the differences between each one of these stages, and the importance of understanding each stage and growing to the next.  We also chat about the mindset of being a location-independent entrepreneur and learning to transform your business model.


01:54: Why Hong Kong?

03:43: Growing Into a 7-Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneur

05:59: Being Involved in a Community While Being Location-Independent

08:47: Global Private Partners

11:33: What is the Cashflow Quadrant

15:49: Business Structures Moving From Old Models to the New Models

19:49: The Sovereign Capitalists Community

Honorable Mentions:

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki

'Cashflow Quadrant' by Robert Kiyosaki

'The Four Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss

Contact Info:

Sovereign Capitalist

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