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Ep.242 ~ Building a 7-Figure Location Independent Business From Non-Profit Adventure Races ~ Stephan Jacob

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7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

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“Entrepreneurship can be very lonely.” Stephan Jacob

Have you ever thought about mixing your passion, charity, and business together?  As this is a dream for many, I would say there aren’t a lot of entrepreneurs that successfully blend these three characteristics together.  Today’s guest is Stephan Jacob who is the co-founder of Cotopaxi is an outdoor adventure apparel company that has built its brand through outdoor adventure races while consistently giving a portion of their revenue to help eliminate poverty.

Starting just three years ago, Stephan and his partner launched this idea and with some genius strategy and marketing. It has propelled them to have rapid growth and rapid success. Today, we will talk about how Cotopaxi started with just one adventure race in 2014 on a college campus, and it has grown to where they hold sixty adventure races around the U.S. and Canada this year in 2017.   

“It (marketing through adventure races) is a much more subtle approach and a much more scrappy approach, then hitting them over the head with performance marketing.” Stephan Jacob

02:19: Who is Stephan Jacob?

07:06: Using Non-Traditional Marketing Events for Growth

12:32: Paternity Leave and Cotopaxi’s Progressive Policy

16:11: Building a Non-Profit Adventure Race as a Legitimate Form of Marketing

22:35: Indiegogo vs Kickstarter

25:02: Strategies for Crowdfunding Launches

27:32: Choosing Charities to Work With

30:13: Tips to Create a 7-Figure Location-Independent Business

Honorable Mentions:

Cotopaxi's Questival Adventure Race

Ambassador Program with Cotopaxi

Contact Info:

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