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Ep.552 ~ Building a $2 BILLION eComm Business ~ Spencer Jan

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~ Interviewing Billionaires, Billion Dollar Founders
& the World's Most Interesting People ~

Have you heard about any eComm side-hustles growing to become a $2 Billion company? This might sound too good to be true, but it did happen when Spencer Jan jumped into entrepreneurship and started a business in his garage in 2010 with his brother and only $15,000 to his name.

Spencer has started numerous eCommerce ventures since but nothing surmounts to the wildly successful SoloStove that upended an entire industry and grew into SoloBrands where they eventually raised $219 million through an IPO giving the company a $2 Billion valuation!

Here to share that story today is the founder of SoloStove, Spencer Jan!

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      04:14     Who is Spencer Jan?

      05:45     Late Bloomer Entrepreneur

      08:00     Bootstrapped Lifestyle Entrepreneur

     10:03     The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris as an Inspiration

      14:01     Spencer’s Willingness to Try Anything to Achieve a Freedom

      16:31     Magic Behind Solo Stove

     23:50      Believing in the Methodology of Improvement

     28:58      Why Brand Connection Matters

     34:00      Selling the Majority Stake of the Company

     36:07      Duct Tape & Dreams Phase

     42:33      Pain for a Good Cause Phase

     47:49      Freedom. I’m out Peace Phase

     53:15       Giving up Control and Support in a Passive Role

     55:40       Choose Your Own Adventure

01:02:44  Focus on Balancing Life in a Healthy Way

01:05:35  Reach out and Learn More about Spencer Jan

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