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Ep.377 ~ Influence in Today’s World as a Powerful Female Entrepreneur ~ Silvia Christmann

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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Hey listeners, welcome to The Business Method Podcast, I am your host Chris Reynolds and we have another amazing episode coming to your earbuds right now.  Silvia Christmann is a good friend, fellow podcaster and one of the most impressive location independent entrepreneurs that I know. Silvia started out traveling the world solo back in 1999 and has been location independent for nearly two decades. On top of that, she has worked in and with the tech scene with some major players and high-level executives for many years. As she continued to live out her dreams of traveling and building business she noticed people wanted to learn more about her, and follow her.


Over the years, Silvia has built up a pretty impressive amount of influence rubbing shoulders with some of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world and now hosting the DNX Podcast which is one of the top English speaking podcasts in Germany, and also very popular all around the world. Today we chat with Silvia about handling influence, her struggles as a solo female traveler and entrepreneur, the change in business environments and importance of a stronger female presence in the business world, and we dive into the importance of podcasting and how it has helped both of our careers.


03:13: Sewing Buttons and Productivity Hacks

10:55: Traveling the World for 17 Years and Becoming an Entrepreneur

18:52: Becoming an Influencer

21:32: Challenges as a Female Traveling Entrepreneur

25:47: Significant Moments in a 17 Year Location Independent Career

30:05: Using Influence to Grow Business and Have a Positive Impact in the World

30:57: Seeing Major Political Leaders That Ignore the Progress of Women in Business

35:56: Helping Leaders Grow and Scale Rapidly

40:51: Using a Podcast for Influence

44:03: Relating to Podcast Guests

46:02: Suggestions for Being a Good Podcast Guest


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