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Ep.232 ~ The Co-Founder of Thrive Themes ~ Shane Melaugh

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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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“In well over 90% of the cases, it’s not about what you add, it is about what you remove.” Shane Melaugh

Have you ever have challenges making your website convert?  Do you have too many options on your landing page?  Have you ever used quizzes to generate more traffic?

Today listeners, we have Shane Melaugh the co-founder of Thrive Themes on the show. Thrive Themes is an incredibly powerful platform that has proven results helping entrepreneurs around the world.

On the episode today, we chat with Shane about his team in Romina and bootstrapping five businesses before finding success. Shane will share his systematic way to solve problems and work through mistakes. Towards the last half of the show, Shane talks about how Thrive Themes grew into the thriving business that it is today. He also adds some cool tricks to help your site convert.

“Treat what you do as an experiment.” Shane Melaugh

01:46: Shane on His Remote Team and Slow Travel

03:55: Bootstrapping 5 Businesses and Starting as a Clueless Entrepreneur

08:58: A Systematic Way to Solve Problems and Work Through Mistakes

13:46: Thrive Themes

17:52: Using Quizzes to Add Value for Marketing

21:17: Ways to Create Converting Sites

Honorable Mentions:

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Themes Blog

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