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Ep.520 ~ BILLION: How He Became King Of The Thrill Pill Cult & Selling $350 Million on Amazon  ~ Shaahin Cheyene

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Shaahin Cheyene invented one of the biggest designer drugs of the 90’s called Herbal Ecstasy when he was 15 & by the time he was 18 he sold over $350 million per year. Fast Forward a couple of years and by his 20’s he sold over $1 Billion worth of product. Herbal Ecstasy was the nootropic pill that sparked the Smart Drug Movement & Shaahin Became King Of The Thrill Pill Cult and a very famous entrepreneur at a very young age. Later, down the line Shaahin invented digital vaporization & was the innovator behind the Vape and Vaporization Wave. Shaahin founded Vapir, the first publicly traded vaporizer company. He has sold over $350 million on Amazon & now he is now a leading eComm and Amazon expert helping people create recurring revenue using the Amazon platform.

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Shaahin is the author of the new book, ‘BILLION: How I Became King Of THe Thrill Pill Cult’. Chris Voss the former head of International Negotiations for the FBI said this about Shaahin’s new book, "Shaahin embodies empathy and he demonstrates it in his approach to life, allowing both sides to experience a true, win-win If you can draw out others' aspirations, hopes and dreams for the future, you can demonstrate how you can affect change in others. In Shaahin’s book ‘Billion’ he shows you how he did it!"

04:00: Who is Shaahin Cheyene?

08:40: Getting the Idea to Sell Pills at Parties to Drug Dealers

18:00: What Was in These Magical Pills?

25:50: Producing the Magical Pills in the Early Days

28:15: Getting Offers From the Japanese Mafia

34:20: Creating Vaporization to Fix the Human Smoking Problem

37:52: The Early Days of Amazon 

47:50: Dedicating 10 Years to Selling on Amazon

51:00: The Value of Becoming an Apprentice

54:10: Shaahin’s High-Performance Tips

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