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Ep.383 ~ Going Down the Productivity Rabbit Hole with Sebastian Marshall

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I think most listeners on the show know about my love and mild obsession with being productive. When I get around other productivity lovers it is always fun to jump down the rabbit hole of productivity hacks. Today’s show is just that!  Sebastian Marshall, the founder of joins us on the podcast and we chat about productivity on both business and personal levels. Sebastian shares in detail on how he sets and achieves goals, how he keeps motivated, and his daily ritual. We also chat about how Sebastian structures his life and business to ensure the most optimal productive result.


02:45: Why to Always Have a Spare Bedroom

04:02: Sebastian Becoming a Productivity Expert

10:37: Sebastian’s Rule of Spending Time with People

14:07: Biggest Challenge in the Work Place Today and Recording Your Time

17:52: UltraWorking’s Best Practices

24:08: Achieving 10% Growth per Week

32:23: Flow-State and 400% Productivity

40:57: Measuring Neurochemicals in Your Body to Increase Productivity

45:03: Sebastian’s Daily Routine


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