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Ep.477 ~ The Mind Behind the Top Business Podcasts In The World ~ Sachit Gupta

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Today we welcome Sachit Gupta to the podcast. Sachit is the founder of Platforms Media and one of the genius minds behind some of the biggest names in the podcasting world today. Sachit has worked personally with Andrew Warner's Mixergy podcast for numerous years and helped Andrew and the Mixergy team create a sustainable, very successfully monetized podcast, selling $70,000 with of advertisement for his show in just one day! He was also essential to help Tim Ferriss grow his podcasts working with Tim for three years, and then Sachit has also helped Seth Godin create and build his podcast as well. 

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Sachit has a really great story about how he started out in India and it was his dream to live and build a successful career in the US. He was inspired believe it or not, by these three amazing people Tim Ferriss, Andrew Warner, & Seth Godin by reading their books and studying their strategies. He had a dream to meet all three of those entrepreneurs and one day and thank them for how they helped him change his life. Coming around to full circle, all three of those people later became clients of his.

Towards the end of the podcast, we talk deeply about podcasting in today’s world. Sachit actually launched his own personal podcast, getting it up on the Top-25 charts across all podcasts in the United States. We address where podcasting is going in the next decade, some hacks, tips and strategies that both him and I use for growing our podcasts. It's  an incredible episode. Without further ado, let's hop into the show with Sasha Gupta.

     02:00  Who is Sachit Gupta?

     09:38  Sachit’s Journey

     37:46  Getting Advertisers vs Keeping Advertisers

     46:12  Working with Tim Ferriss, Andrew Warner & Seth Godin

     52:59  Strategies to Monetize Podcast

     58:00  Sachit on Launching His Own Podcast

01:03:25  Using Banners to Advertise

01:05:45  Podcasting in the next Decade

01:26:00  Where to Find Sachit

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