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Ep.537 ~ How to Scale a Coaching Business to 7-Figures ~ Russ Ruffino

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Today on the podcast we are joined by none other than the man that has founded and built an Inc.500 8-figure online company helping entrepreneurs create systems in their business to have a flood of clients coming to them for their services. Together he and his team have built one of the top sales & marketing systems for coaches and specialists becoming a household name in the entrepreneur world. His name is Russ Ruffino and he is the founder of Clients on Demand!
Clients on Demand was ranked #186 on Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies list. They currently serve 80-100 new entrepreneurs per month and are producing about $1.7 Million per month in revenue. They spend about $800k a year to consistently try and improve their business model, helping them create one of the most successful companies in the world that directly helps coaches scale their businesses rapidly! Their direct clients have done over $1Billion in sales using their system. 
I have been following Russ for over 3-years now and I am very excited to have him on the show so we can dissect the art of high-ticket sales to help you scale your coaching or consulting businesses to 7-figures and beyond!

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03:16 - Who is Russ Ruffino?
04:22 - What the Book “Four Hour Work Week” Meant to Russ
08:19 - Reality Comes Crashing Down on Russ
14:05 - Going from Low to High Ticket Offers
21:36 - Rehearsing Gratitude 
23:56 - Timeless Business Principles
27:04 - Beta Testing High Ticket Offers 
34:38 - Who Should Create a High Ticket Offer?
41:26 - What Results are Typical When Working with Clients on Demand?
43:45 - What’s Included in the Clients on Demand Mastermind?
48:32 - Why Clients on Demand Spends Money to Try and Break Their Business.
51:48 - What is Russ’s Morning Routine?
53:58 - Not Getting Distracted By the Noise

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