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Ep.276 ~ Does Your Business Really Serve You? ~ Russ Perry

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Today listeners, we are honored to have with us the founder of an incredible business and business model, Russ Perry. Russ founded Design Pickle a graphic design business just three years ago and built it into a business that already produces half a million dollars a month.  Design Pickle has approximately 125 employees working with them, mostly all remote and Russ is here to share what has made the business so successful.

Today, Russ will share about hitting rock bottom as an entrepreneur and as a person. He shares how he came face-to-face with transparency and why it was the only way for him to move forward.  I ask Russ about the simplicity of the Design Pickle model and why he chose a one-tier pricing structure. Towards the end of the show, Russ will talk about building an incredibly successful location independent business model.

“I was never going to make the mistake again of accepting a business or an idea that didn’t serve me first, and wasn’t some sort of delayed payoff bet that people tend to make.” Russ Perry

02:00: Why Phoenix, Arizona USA?

07:45: Who is Russ Perry and What is Design Pickle?

10:45: Rock Bottom for Russ

16:12: Russ on Creating a Business Model that Serves YOU

19:46: The Value of Becoming Transparent About Business and Life Struggles

25:01: Why Design Pickle Uses Only One Tier Pricing

30:38: Russ on Having a Simple, Low-Tech Landing Page

32:24: Scaling to 125 Employees in 3 Years

35:17: Russ’ Recommendation for Entrepreneurs Hustling to Get to the Next Level

39:03: Becoming More Location Independent

Honorable Mentions:

Dan Norris author and founder of The Seven Day Startup

Design Pickle’s Pricing Model



Yes Insights

Dynamite Circle

Tropical MBA

Florence Fighting Sport ~ Calcio

Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry

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Design Pickle:

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