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Ep.349 ~ Building the World's Largest Crowdfunding Marketing Agency ~ Roy Morejon

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Crowdfunding in today's world is a buzzword and a new industry that has literally helped thousands of entrepreneurs take their idea from a sketch on a napkin to millions of dollars in sales. Our guest today is the founder of one of the leading agencies helping these entrepreneurs make that dream a reality. His name is Roy Morejon, and Roy is the founder of Command Partners and co-founder of Enventys. Roy built Command Partners to the largest crowdfunding agency in the world. They have helped launch over 750 crowdfunding campaigns, raised over $160 million in pre-sales for products and had 17 clients on Shark Tank. If you are into crowdfunding or want to launch your new idea to the world, this episode is a must listen.


03:35: Charlotte, North Carolina

05:02: Who is Roy Morejon?

13:49: Managing Business on the Road with a Family Life

19:50: Building the World’s Largest Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

22:32: Some of the Products Enventys Has Brought to Market

25:17: The Culture of Enventys

28:05: Keeping Creativity in the Business Environment

30:55: Products That Roy’s Company Got On Sharktank

34:07: The Future of Crowdfunding

37:17: 5-Figure vs. 6-Figure vs. 7-Figure Mindsets

40:37: Building a Personal Brand After Years of Success

43:05: Tips to Scale to the Next Level


Honorable Mentions:


Soundbender on Shark Tank


Baby Bathwater


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