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Ep.561 ~ He's Built & Sold 24 Businesses from $3 Million to $4 Billion ~ Roland Frasier


~ Interviewing Billionaires, Billion Dollar Founders
& the World's Most Interesting People ~

Roland Frasier is a serial entrepreneur who built and/or sold 24 businesses with adjusted sales ranging from $3,000,000 to almost $4 Billion. He is a featured Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur Magazine serial businessman. He is the cofounder or principal of five different Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies. He is currently the CEO of All Channels Media, and the principal in Scalable.Co, Digital, Traffic & Conversions Summit,,, War Room Mastermind, Fully Accountable, Everbowl Restaurants, Big Block Realty, Scribe Publishing, & Real Estate Worldwide.

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Roland’s work also includes infomercials with Guthy-Renker, publishing deals with Simon & Schuster & Random House, over 100 private and public offerings, running an international hedge fund, advising Pepsi, McDonalds, and also strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Harper-Collins Publishing, FedEx, & Uber. 

His specialties or superpowers as we like to say today are acquiring or partnering with entrepreneurs to scale businesses through acquisitions, strategic relationships and marketing, negotiation, copywriting, marketing strategy, structuring and funding of mergers and acquisitions, and public exit strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs. 

00:48: Who Is Roland Frasier?
03:05: Developing Core Values
08:24: Leading During A Pandemic
12:25: Building A Positive Mindset
47:42: Overcoming Mistakes
50:06: Focus On Your Superpower
59:22: Where To Find Roland

Contact Info:
YouTube: Roland Frasier

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