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Ep.274 ~ Unemployed with Less Than $5k to a 7-Figures in 6 Years ~ Rob Barry

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

I am continually inspired by entrepreneurs that push the limits of what is possible to follow through with their dreams of finding their own definition of success. Today's guest is Rob Barry and during the interview, he shares with us how he went from being unemployed with $4680 left to his name, to 7-figure location independent entrepreneur.  It just goes to show the process of entrepreneurship is one that many times requires a period of ‘volunteer poverty’ and a sincere drive to make things happen.

Rob goes into the details about his experience mentioning a huge mistake that actually paid off big. He also addresses why he took a period away from location independence so he could focus on the growth of his business which led to another level of location independence. Lastly, Rob shares about life after selling his business and a few things that people need to be sufficiently happy.

“A lot of times I find in life, the truly valuable people to know, are the ones who don’t want everyone to know that they’re truly valuable to know.” Rob Barry

01:51: Who is Rob Barry?

07:38: From $4680 Left and Unemployed to a 7-Figure Exit

16:11: Making a Huge Mistake that Paid off Big

19:29: Rob on Not Regretting Mistakes

21:13: Going From Location Independent, To Location Dependent, To Location Independent Again for the Growth of the Business

27:41: Deciding to Exit His Business

32:13: Life After Selling His Business

34:37: Three Things a Person Needs to Be Sufficiently Happy

“You don’t need to go out there and try to be the next Facebook. You don’t need to create some...brand new concept...that is going to revolutionize everything. What you need to do, is find a market, and deliver value to it.” Rob Barry

Honorable Mentions:

Tranquility Labs

Nate Ginsburg

Steven Van Der Peijl

DCBKK Conference

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