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Ep.230 ~ Life Disrupters with a 3x Team USA World Champion ~ Ray Matz


~ Current Series ~

Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

What is a life disrupter? One of those moments in your life that absolutely changes everything. Our guest today is someone that has used Life Disrupters throughout his life and thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur to build business and change the way his future will look.

Ray Matz is a seasoned entrepreneur and a three-time Team USA World Champion who joins us today to chat about gaining the right mentality to bring your game to the next level. Ray started out growing up around poverty in Philadelphia and has now started and sold a landscaping business, built a real estate business and now enjoys life as a personal coach and family man.


Towards the end of the episode Ray shares some tips on how he has created an entrepreneurial foundation with his family. 

01:54: Who is Ray Matz?

09:44: Ray On Being a 3x Roller Hockey Champion

11:47: What is Game Changing Dads?

14:34: Ray and Chris Talk Life Disrupters

18:00: Applying Life Disrupters Into Your an Entrepreneurs Life

19:07: Entrepreneur Keeping Their Head Up During the Hard Times

20:39: Ray On Creating an Entrepreneurial Foundation with His Family

Honorable Mentions:

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki

Dave Ramsey

Christan Hiscock's Interview

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