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Ep. 191 ~ The Science of Brand Building ~ Quinn Zeda

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“If you give people too many choices, then they choose nothing.” Quinn Zeda


On today’s episode, we have the founder of Zeda Labs, Quinn Zeda on the show. Zeda Labs helps entrepreneurs sell more digital products and services using data-driven design & conversion tactics. Quinn has a brilliant mind about User Experience and User Interface, and today she will share some of her best tips and tactics for entrepreneurs and their website.


What I’m really excited to share is Quinn’s story about taking 6-months off to build a solid brand for her business. She walks us through her journey of building this brand, why she spent so much time to hone in the specifics of her brand and what she and the Zeda Labs team learned along the way. It is a highly informative show especially if you have an interest in UX, UI, and branding.



Quinn’s Rule “One page, one goal. If you’re asking too many things at once, then you end up overwhelming your main goal.” Quinn Zeda



06:01: Quinn on Conscious Capitalism

11:03: Why Quinn Took Off 6-Months to Build the Zeda Labs Brand

13:07: Knowing That Your Branding is Headed in the Right Direction

19:35: Quinn’s Must Do’s to Create a Solid Brand

23:51: One Page, One Goal

25:15: Quinn Walks Us Through the Zeda Labs Design

26:29: Good and Bad Examples of One Page, One Goal Websites



“Design doesn’t make a product valuable…Design doesn’t turn crap into gold” Quinn Zeda



Honorable Mentions:

Peek User Testing


Charity Water

Do It In a Dress


“The website acts as an ambassador for you. So when it comes to online business, the strength of the customer relationship depends on the experience they have doing business with your ambassador.” Quinn Zeda


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