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Ep. 138 ~ Digital Marketing Today ~ Purush Rajagopal


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

You’re a 4-Hour Work Week success story, did that book have any influence in this business model?  “To be honest, I haven’t fully read that book.” Purush Rajagopal

Today podcast listeners, we are recording another follow-up episode…. ‘Where are they now, after The Entrepreneur House. We are recording a second episode with our guest because the incredible results that people created after staying at The House. 


Today, we are joined by an Alumni of The House in Thailand….Purushothaman Rajagopal (Purush for short). Purush is the founder of Infinity Media designs websites while helping to create the customers online brand. They provide a social media strategy and help the users to boost traffic. They also develop apps for their clients as well.

Purush is a pretty incredible guy, he has built a full-service digital marketing agency in four years with 30+ employees before the age of 30. Now, Purush’s business employs around 100 people from India, Eastern Europe, and the United States.

Here is what I like about Purush, he is down to earth, very likable and friendly. You can tell he is a person that truly cares about people and connecting with others.  And, for as successful as he is, I have never once seen him serious. He is just a really playful guy!

“My business productivity improved at least by 150% here at The Entrepreneur House, and I had a lot of fun! Purush Rajagopal

6:35  What it is like running a business with 100 employees?

15:17 Facebook Marketing Strategy

-Do Competitor research first

-Use their strategy and think of something to do new

20:47 SEO Secrets

23:30 What to do to avoid business burnout?

“When applying SEO, stop talking and start taking action. It is not rocket science.”

Purush Rajagopal

Honorable Mentions:

Neil Patel

Robin Sharma

Brian Deen

Steven Vander Pejil

Ep. 137 ~ Teams That Get Measured, Get Build ~ Neil Napier

Passion Planner

Book Recommendations:

‘The Four Hour Work Week’ Tim Ferriss

‘The Alchemist’ Paulo Coelho

‘The Game of Life and How To Play It’ Florence School Shinn

‘Outrages Openness’ Tosha Silver

Contact Info:


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