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Ep.347 ~ The Principles of Entrepreneurial Leadership ~ Chris Reynolds

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Today I hopped on the mic because I was inspired to chat a bit about leadership and the principles around leadership. This is a topic that I believe is not taught nearly enough in the world and something I think we as entrepreneurs and as people could benefit a lot from if we talk more on this topic.


02:00: Why are We Talking About the Entrepreneurial Principles of Leadership?

04:37: Important Concepts for Leadership

06:25: Integrity and The Privilege of Ethics in Entrepreneurship

09:02: The Speed of Trust

11:07: Truth and Authenticity in Entrepreneurship

13:15: Growth in Entrepreneurship

15:49: Courage in Entrepreneurship

17:42: Openness and Flexibility in Entrepreneurship

19:50: Giving in Entrepreneurship

21:15: Communication in Entrepreneurship

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