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Ep.517 ~ Following the Voice Inside of You To Build Your Own Brand ~ Preston Smiles

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Those people in the world with personal brands are unique individuals. Personal brands come a few different ways. One, a person can create success in their personal life, and then they make a brand out of that influence they’ve gained, thus becoming a personal brand. Think Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, they’re all so successful at their own trade, that the world in a way forces them to become a personal brand. 

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Then there is another type of personal brand, and it comes from someone who has something inside of them and it is so strong they want and need to share it with the world. They are natural creators. Joe Rogan would be a good example of this, he started his podcast with no outside influence, he just wanted to have great conversations with great people. This group of people with a personal brand have so much to give and are so good at it, that when they start sharing, it could be through videos, books, audio, blogs or whatever means they choose, it naturally starts to take off, and people follow. 

That is today’s guest. His name is Preston Smiles, and when he was in his mid-20’s he started helping people. He noticed people would come up to him and naturally ask for help and support. Eventually, more and more people came and he got overwhelmed with the time strain so he created a YouTube channel to help people answer their questions. He then began making inspirational videos, he started a community called the LoveMob where the group went around and did random acts of kindness and flash mobs. His channel and brand grew to where he could begin monetizing by writing books, and starting groups that help people, and empowering others to take action in their lives. 

Preston is now the author of two books, has a very successful YouTube channel, he has approximately 150k followers on Facebook, 224k on Instagram, he’s been interviewed on a few of the top mindset & entrepreneurial podcasts in the world including ImpactTheory and Lewis Howes podcast. He runs a podcast himself, and runs multiple empowerment groups like Amplify, Kaboom Coaching, Stretch 22, and M-Powered Brotherhood. Today on the podcast, Preston and I are going to talk to those of you that have a personal brand inside of them, and how you can let it out!

03:55 Who is Preston Smiles?

08:31 The 4 Stages of Consciousness

13:10 The Early Days of Preston’s Personal Brand

17:32 Staying in Alignment with Oneself 

24:25 As a Creator - How Do You Give Your Brand to the World

29:05 How is a Terrible Question to Ask

39:25 Tapping Into the Work You Should be Doing

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