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Interested in Sponsoring our Podcast?

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Over 400 Interviews from the World's Top Entrepreneurs & High-Performers

Thank you for your interested in sponsoring The Business Method Podcast. Through a sponsorship we help you get closer to your ideal customers & clients to help propel your business. We love working with our sponsors to create the biggest win/win for all the parties involved. 

Currently, it is a simple process. A commercial in our weekly interview is $1000 for three months. This includes a 15-60 second ad placement read by the host Chris Reynolds in the form of a recommendation to the listeners. There are 13 consecutive episodes your business will be featured. We can put the placement at the beginning of the show or about 10-20 inside of the interview. 

Below is the sponsorship button. It is an easy process. Once we receive payment we will start the process of making the perfect commercial for your company. 

I am looking forward to working with you!


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