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Ep.259 ~ 7-Figure Location Independent Struggle and Dissecting Customer Service ~ Philippe Bourdeau

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100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

The idea of setting up and running a business seems pretty self-explanatory and really simple. You just find a product or service and give it to people. Why then do 90% of businesses fail?


On today’s episode, we welcome Philippe Bourdeau Founder of  Philippe has been selling hammocks online since 2001 and is now based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Throughout the show, Phillippe and I discuss the growth of his business over the past sixteen years.  We go in-depth about his automation and outsourcing process and towards the end of the show, we get into the exact reason why 90% of businesses fail. There is a growth process in entrepreneurship that isn’t talked about enough and most of the time is very difficult to go through.  Philippe shares what worked and what didn’t work going through this process, and how he came out on the other end of it with an incredible business and an incredible experience.  



“The natural tendency for an entrepreneur is that you think you can do everything yourself. You think you can do everything better yourself.” Philippe Bourdeau



01:33: Philippe’s Online eCommerce Business Hammock Universe

08:08: After Building a 7-Figure Location Independent Business What Would Philippe Do Differently?

09:23: Phillippe’s Process of Outsourcing

12:16: Automating and Outsourcing Without Compromising Customer Service and Quality

22:17: Would Philippe Duplicate His Business Model?

23:20: The Period of Suffering Entrepreneurs Go Through

26:08: Tips on Life Balance and Keeping a Strong Character While Suffering Through the Entrepreneurship Process

31:20: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Stay in Chiang Mai

32:46: Arriving in Chiang Mai with No Contacts and Building a Power Network

Honorable Mentions:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown


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