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Ep. 156 ~ Faster Than Normal ~ How One Entrepreneur Uses His ADHD to Create a Better Life ~ Peter Shankman

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“Men lie, women lie, children lie, data doesn’t lie.” Peter Shankman

On this episode, we are going to talk with the serial entrepreneur Peter Shankman who is the founder of Faster Than Normal. Faster Than Normal is a movement that focuses on changing the way people view ADD and ADHD.

Peter has spent the past twenty years starting, building and selling companies. He also spends his time writing best-selling books, speaking internationally, making almost daily TV appearances, and teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their personal and professional lives. He does all this by using his ADHD as a gift instead of a curse. And that is what he wants to share with people.

Further along in the episode, we dive into Peter’s life with ADHD and how he structures his life to create constructive outcomes. He gives parents some great suggestions that have children with ADD/ADHD and we talk about how diet plays a role in his life.

Peter used his passion for helping others, with something that he struggled with, and made it into a movement to create a lasting change.

“There is a reason I am an entrepreneur. I don’t play well with others.” Peter Shankman

6:24: How Peter Uses ADHD to Create Constructive Outcomes

10:51:  Peter’s Suggestions for Parents with Children That Might Have or Have ADD/ADHD

12:41: Peter on His Diet to Manage ADHD

15:38: What to Do if You Think you May Have ADD/ADHD

“The money comes, the money always comes alright, what can you do to make people happier.”  Peter Shankman

Honorable Mentions:

Delivered from Distraction’ by Edward Hallowell

Hallowell Institute

Faster Than Normal Podcast

Peter’s Apps to Manage ADD/ADHD    

Run Keeper

Fitness Pal

‘Faster Than Normal’ a book by Peter Shankman will be Released October 2017

Peter's Faster Than Normal Course

Contact Info:

Faster Than Normal Website

Peter Shankman


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