Ep.202 ~ The Mid 7-Figure Mentality and Manufacturing in China ~ Peter Keller

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“The strength of a founder can become the weakness of a company.” Peter Keller

On today’s show, we are joined by the eCommerce expert and founder of Fringe Sport, Peter Keller. Peter has been engulfed in eCommerce for the past seventeen years. He launched Fringe Sport back in 2010 and has grown it into a mid-seven figure business. This episode was exciting because Peter and I chat about something that I find very interesting, manufacturing and production overseas. Peter has spent a lot of time working with factories in Asia. He shares with us how to find factories that would be great partners, produce excellent products, and also how to spot those factories that treat their employees well.  Towards the end of the podcast, Peter shares the difference between the 5, 6, 7 and Mid-7 figure mentalities. It is an excellent podcast with a brilliant business mind and one I highly recommend.

The Goldie Locks Principle

“You don’t want a factory that is way too small, you don’t want a factory that is way to big, you want a factory that is just right.” Peter Keller

03:06: Peter’s Story

04:54: eCommerce In the Early Days

16:29: How Peter Stayed Afloat When No Income Was Coming In

18:02: Growing a Team Then Scaling the Team Back

19:07: Becoming More Aware as a Leader

20:39: How Well do You Understand Your Own Business Processes?

24:16: Finding the Right Manufacturer in China

31:16: Finding an Ethical Manufacturer  in China

39:36: 5-Figure vs. 6- Figure vs. 7-Figure vs. Mid 7-Figure Mentality

  • 5 and 6-Figure's were the side hustle mentality

  • 7-Figure's you really have to start thinking about how to leverage yourself and teaching your employees to do what you do

  • Mid 7-Figure's the mindset becomes much more about leading and managing people

“If you get poor quality products, it is your fault for not vetting the factory appropriately, for not communicating with the factory properly.” Peter Keller

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