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Ep.358 ~ Skyrocketing Sales by Blending Media Coverage w/ Facebook Ads ~ Peter Friis


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Hey listeners, on today’s show we welcome Peter Friis the co-founder Essio Shower. I was really excited to chat with Peter today because he was referred to us from a highly-reputable friend of the show. Peter, with his family his built Essio Shower into a 7-figure eComm company with a fully remote team. What is really exciting is that Peter was having so much success getting press coverage and using social media advertising to make that coverage skyrocket sales, that Peter decided to create another business called PRVolt to help other entrepreneurs do this as well!


During the episode, Peter chats with us about specifically how he and his teams hack PR to get a ton of media coverage and then use social media to maximize that press coverage. The content was so good during the interview, I was literally taking notes.  


03:18: Choosing Santa Monica, California as a Base

05:48: Fireside Conf and Taking Remote Teams to Conferences

12:08: Peter’s Experience Working for Amazon

18:00: Hacking PR and Using Social Media to Maximize Press Coverage

28:33: Creating Effective Landing Pages

32:48: PRVolt

38:12: Running Two Businesses at Once

40:58: Benefits of Having Fully Remote Teams


Contact Info:

Website and Special Offer:




Twitter: @spiritfriis


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