Ep.192 ~ Removing Yourself From A Business Built Around Yourself and Chiang Mai, Thailand ~ Paul Austin


“Team building is the essence for creating a profitable, sustainable business model for the long-term” Paul Austin

On today’s episode, we are joined by international entrepreneur and speaker, Paul Austin. Paul is the founder of TOEFLSpeakingTeacher.com and currently on a world tour speaking in many different countries about thinking bigger, expanding your thought process and productivity.  He joins us on this episode to chat about the growth of his business and what he has learned about replacing himself.

Paul and I also chat for a while about Chiang Mai, Thailand. This has been known for a few years as the digital nomad capitol of the world. Paul and I chat about the benefits of living there and what cities compare to it.

“If you build a business around yourself, it makes it incredibly difficult to replace yourself.” Paul Austin

11:35: Paul’s Key Lessons About Replacing Himself in His Business

13:57: Essential Vehicles That Grew Paul’s Business

23:43: Paul and Chris Chat About Chiang Mai, Thailand

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