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Ep 547 ~ A $3 Billion Startup That Created Elon Musk’s Unfoldable House ~ Paolo Tiramani

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Listeners welcome to The Business Method Podcast and today we have the Founder of a $3 Billion Startup on the show!


His name is Paolo Tiramani and he is the founder of Boxabl. Boxabl makes 375-square-foot “unfolding” houses. And I say unfolding because that is exactly what they do. Literally, you take it off of a truck, and unfold it to have a really nice home. The unfolding of the house takes about an hour fully equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, television, living room and all you have to do to get the utilities working is just plug it in!


The houses don't need any special delivery equipment. It can fit on a normal flatbed trailer pulled by any vehicle. And given the small size, it can be delivered to almost anywhere you want it. You can literally have a house assembled in a single day that costs roughly $50,000 starting out and so far 90,000 people have signed up to get one.


Paolo is joining us on the podcast today to chat about how he built this incredibly innovative business into a $3 billion company!

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0:01:05   Intro

0:02:33   Events and Trips For Entreprenuers

0:03:59   Founder Of Unfoldable House 
0:06:52   Company Size

0:07:37   About Boxabl

0:13:05   The Innovation Of Unfoldable House

0:21:24   Pre-Industrial Vs Post-Industrial

0:25:00   Bringing Home To People

0:27:49   Delivery Lead Time

0:31:46   Durability And Efficiency 

0:33:26   Phases Of Building The Business

0:49:40   Ingenious Creations Of Boxabl

0:55:58   Fundamentals Of Managing Rapid Business Growth

1:03:05   Daily Routine As An Entrepreneur

1:12:50   Message From Paolo Tiramani

Contact Info:

To read the Boxabl offering circular visit -



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