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Ep.506 ~ Founders of Outback Steakhouse & Bolay Restaurants - The Father & Son Duo  ~ Tim Gannon & Chris Gannon

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~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Listeners. I have a treat for you today. We have, joining us on the podcast, Tim Gannon and Chris Gannon. Tim is one of the original co-founders of Outback Steakhouse. He's also the creator of The Blooming Onion, which is Outback's most popular appetizer that has sold over a billion dollars in product, and Tim is on the show today with his son, Chris Gannon. 

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Chris is the co-founder of Bolay Restaurants, one of the hottest new, fast-casual dining restaurants in Florida. They have 19 locations now, and are focused on rapid growth over the next 5 years. It's fascinating to listen to the father & son duo of these restapreneurs on the podcast and talk about this legacy that Tim has built for himself and his family, and how in many ways, Chris is following in the footsteps of Tim. We discuss the lessons that they have learned throughout their lives as entrepreneurs and the legacy that Chris is continuing to pursue.


It's a fascinating story of the father and son entrepreneurial duo!

05:26: Tim & Chris Gannon Intro

07:40: Starting Outback Steakhouse in 1988

10:20: Selling a Saddle to Start Outback

20:30: Playing Polo as a Business Network

22:55: Transferring Success From Father to Sun

32:30: Co-Founder of Outback on Going Public Three Times

45:20: Getting the Boundaries of Business Ethics Pushed

50:30: Chris Gannon’s High-Performance Tips

51:40: Tim Gannon’s High-Performance Tips

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