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Ep.399 ~ Leaving the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Family Legacy for Health  ~ Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins Podcast
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We have often talked about health on our podcast occasionally chatting with guests about diet and how they maintain a healthy lifestyle.  On today’s show we go a step further and really learn about what you absolutely should remove from your diet and understanding the exact science behind it.


The grandson of the famous Baskin-Robbins legacy, Ocean Robbins joins us on the podcast to talk about health!  Yes, health!


Ocean’s father left the family business that was paved with gold because he how bad ice cream was for people.  Ocean continued down the path of his father making it his mission to help people understand health and why the “Standard American Diet” is causing so many diseases. Ocean really gets into the “nuts and bolts” of heath, food, the food industry, and what you need to have in your diet to maximize a healthy lifestyle.  It was such an eye opener, that as soon as the show finished I went and downloaded his book from Amazon.


If you are interested in your health whatsoever, this episode is a must listen.


02:09: Intro

11:24: Who is Ocean Robbins?

15:55: Ocean’s Father Leaving the Baskin-Robbins Legacy

17:25: What is the 3 Most Import Things to Remove From the Your Diet?

19:40: What to Fry Food WIth?

24:59: A Recommended Standard Diet

29:50: The B12 Debate

34:53: Ocean on the CBD Industry

38:11: The Big Pharma Companies

41:28: Major Shifts For Food in the Near Future

43:03: The 31 Day Food Revolution

46:07: Superfoods, Magic Mushrooms and Soy

51:09: Ocean on Influence


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