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Ep.163 ~ Building Running and Selling a Tech Service Based Business ~ Nigel Moore


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“For me, getting to 7-figures and being able to run it with hardly any input, was all about documentation and hiring the right people.” Nigel Moore

 On this episode, we are welcoming Nigel Moore to the show. Nigel recently sold his 7-figure serviced based business and is currently running a community for entrepreneurs that have IT businesses. There are many highlights in this episode because Nigel really digs into the details of starting, running and selling his business.


He talks about the five, six, and seven figure mentalities. How he spends twenty-thirty hours a week learning about business, leadership and personal growth. He then talks about the importance of building a business that creates an incredible amount of value for the world. Bottom line, this episode with Nigel was incredible and a show you will not want to miss.

“If you want to get to 7-figures, mission, value and purpose are ridiculously important.”

Nigel Moore

4:06: Nigel on Hiring the Right People

6:31: Lessons Nigel Learned from Building a 7-Figure Service Bases Business

8:12: Managing 1,100 SOP’s

11:04: Nigel On 5,6, and 7-Figure Mentalities

30:37: Outtakes

Nigel’s Rule

“Everything must be continually incrementally improved.”

Honorable Mentions:

Traction’ by Gino Wickman


Six Phase Meditation

Seconds App

‘Doing Good Better’ William Macaskill

Contact Info:

MyTechnololgy Business



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